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This Mask is a rare example of the traditional tribal art of Timor. This fascinating mask is
from central Timor.  These masks are believed to be a medium to the
Spirit World - a way for the living to communicate with there departed ancestors and spirits.

Bone carved Scrimshaw Shaman mask

Silver cuff bracelet

This amazing skullcap is adorned with traditional geometric tribal motifs an exhibits a most beautiful old and varied patina, notice the darker patina on the sides, the motifs are all intricately hand carved into the bone. The Tetum of central Timor are one of the largest ethnic groups on the island. Before the Portuguese and Dutch colonization, they were fragmented into dozens of small states. Skirmishes between them were frequent, with headhunting a popular activity. The First Europeans in Timor were the Portuguese, perhaps as early as 1512, the year after they captured Malaka. Like Chinese and western Indonesian traders before them, The Portuguese found the island a plentiful source of Sandalwood (prized in Europe for its aroma and for the medicinal Santalol made from the oil).



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