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The Tokelau Web Forum

This Web site is intended to provide a brief outline of the recent history as well as the geography of the Tokelau Islands. Swains Island has been included as it is geographically, if not politically, part of the Tokelau Group.

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Outline map of the Tokelau Islands

The picture above was taken on the island of Butaritari (Republic of Kiribati) in about 1890 and is part of the Robert Louis Stevenson collection. On the left is Maka (with the cane), Mrs. Mary Maka along with Kanoa and Mrs. Maria Kanoa, Hawaiian missionaries of the American Board of Missions, Honolulu.

Of particular interest to the people of Tokelau and the many friends of Tokelau is Maka whose writings have documented for all time the atrocities committed by the Peruvian blackbirders on the innocent people of Tokelau. Please check the Link - Depopulating the Tokelaus to the left.

I do hope that you enjoy your visit to the beautiful and enchanting Tokelau Islands.


Tokelau - South Pacific 2004

Christian Halle's collection of images from Tokelau,
taken between 22nd November 2004 - 16th December 2004

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